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Caretaking versus Caring FOR others

  I have been a caregiver most of my life. Starting at the age of 11, I got my first aid and CPR certification and started babysitting. At 13, I cared for my beautiful sister. After I got married and had my three (3) amazing children, I cared for them. As a mother, the caring […]

Making a Present of the Past

  There IS the perfect gift out there for everyone on your holiday list, and all it “costs” is time. When was the last time you sat down with a parent, grandparent, or favorite uncle and simply asked them a question or two about their life?… what they’ve seen and experienced, what were the important […]

Creating Powerful Goals for REAL Results

  Our first exercise this week is to spend time defining what you want. Sometimes, we jump to goal setting (whether in your mind or in writing) without thinking about our life long dreams and legacy. Before setting goals, here are ten (10) questions to consider: 1. What legacy do you want to leave your […]

Operation Gratitude and 168 Songs That Put You In A Good Mood

  About Black Friday…   Last year, my daughter Amanda decided to join the hoards of people on Black Friday. While she got some awesome deals and *really* helped me in the process, the night took a lot out of her. She braved the stores again this year. This time, she took friends with her […]

Family and Gratitude: Thanksgiving 1621 to present day

Since 1621 (or prior-depending on what you believe), the collective “we” have celebrated Thanksgiving in various ways and at various times. However, the true meaning of Thanksgiving has always been to give thanks. We gave thanks for different things depending on the era. In 1863, President Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving as “a day of  thanksgiving and […]

Procrastination and Just In Time: Vibration of Delay

  Just In Time (JIT) …Do you often arrive where you need or want to be just in time or worse… late? Do you try cramming in as much in your calendar/schedule as possible? Do you push yourself beyond your limits with time? Do you know someone who fits this description?  Can you relate to […]

Negative Goal Setting

  Zig Ziglar once said, “Worrying is simply negative goal setting.” So, are you worried about anything? Are you concerned about your job, health, finances, family, friends or what may go wrong with this or that?   I love this quote because what we think consistently about is what we draw to us. So, if […]

Are You Living Your Life with Vision and Purpose?

  Are things in your life going as you want, need and desire? Are you living your life with passion and purpose? Are you clear about your goals and are you laser-focused on accomplishing them? Creating a vision and purpose for all areas of your life is absolutely mission critical for life success. Here are […]