Assisted Living due diligence: Individual Room Features- Day 26 of 30 day Family Caregiver Series

Assisted Living due diligence: Individual Room Features

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We last discussed what to look for when visiting an assisted living facility from an overall facility perspective. Now, we’ll delve into what to look for with individual rooms. Keeping in mind some assisted living facilities are equipped to assist residents with activities of daily living (ADL) while some are designed for the resident to complete all ADL’s independently. The type of facility will dictate what features are in individual rooms.

The list of things to look for with individual rooms include:

1. Kitchen area. Is there a kitchen area with a refrigerator, sink and a burner or microwave? This may be optional depending on the facility. May residents keep food in their rooms?

2.  Bathrooms. Are bathrooms private with accommodations for wheelchairs and walkers? Is there space to hold personal toiletries?

3.  Doors. Are there locking doors for resident privacy? Are doors of a non-skid material?

4.  Size. Are there different sizes and types of units available? There there private and shared rooms available?

5. Smoking. Is the facility/room smoke free? May residents smoke in public places?

6.  Furnishings. What can residents bring from home?

7. Pets. May residents bring pets from home?

8. TV and phones. Do rooms have TV’s and, if so, is cable provided? Is a phone available for use? How are these things billed, as appropriate?

9.  Visitors. May people visit residents in their rooms and is there space for them to sit?

10.   Curfew. Is there a time when everyone must be in their rooms or is the facility free to roam 24/7?

These are some of top top questions to ask about individual or shared rooms when evaluating an assisted living facility.

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 It’s  your turn: If you’ve had to place a loved one in an assisted living facility, what was your burning issue with rooms? Were there any challenges? If so, what were they? Which of these tips do you find most helpful should you need to place a loved one? Please comment below!



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