Assisted living due diligence – Know before you go: Day 24 of 30 Day Family Caregiver Series

Assisted living due diligence – Know before you go:

Day 24 of 30 Day Family Caregiver Series


Before you go visit facilities, you’ll want to research and know a few things before you select which ones to consider. Here are some guidelines for you:

1. Are they licensed with the state?  While there are federal regulations governing assisted living facilities, most compliance standards are at the state level. State names vary in what department manages assisted living governance. It could be called Health Services, Health Care Services, Social Services, etc… You’ll want to determine who governs this for your state and ensure they are licensed. The National Center for Assisted Living can help identify this for you. There is all kinds of great information on this site.

2. Are they bonded (if they manage funds for residents)?  All facilities are required to have an Assisted Living Facility Surety Bond if they provide any fund management for residents. This ensures the facility appropriately manages patient funds and third party payments on behalf of residents. Be careful here. Each state has a bond minimum and that can range from $5,000 to 2 times the amount held in trust. If a facility manages your loved one’s funds, be sure you manage them and see that all funds are management appropriately. These bonds are in place to ensure health care regulations are satisfied and they are a good thing. You just want to manage it, as appropriate.

3. Do they have any complaints on file with their local Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

4. Do they have any complaints filed with the state?  If so, what’s the nature of the violations?

5. What is their scope of care?   There are three licensed levels of care. “Supervisory Care Services” means general supervision, including daily awareness of resident functioning and continuing needs, the ability to intervene in a crisis, and assistance in the self-administration of medications. “Personal Care Services” means assistance with activities of daily living and includes the coordination or provision of intermittent nursing services and the administration of medications and treatments. A facility licensed to provide Personal Care Services may not accept or retain resident unable to direct their own care. “Directed Care Services” means programs and services provided to persons who are incapable of
recognizing danger, requesting assistance, expressing needs or making basic care decisions.



These are some of the top things you’ll want to know before you even consider researching or visiting. If they can’t pass the 5 items above, you should look elsewhere.

Next up: What to look for when visiting assisted living facilities.

It’s your turn: Do you have anything to add to this list of things to research before you consider a facility? What is your experience? Which of these things is most important to you? Please comment below!


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      Tandy Elisala says:

      I’m glad this information is helpful for you Jeanine. Caregiving is something that is prevalent as the 65+ population will double by 2030.


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