Are You Touch Deprived?


Are You Touched Deprived? Guest article by Barb Heite

We are so busy with our daily tasks, our minds always checking something off the top of our internal to do list only to add more tasks at the bottom. We create a never ending, numb minding, and never completed list. Every once in a while we stop and take a breath and feel for a moment. And what most of us feel is overwhelmed, unappreciated, and alone, even when we are with others.

In our computer tech savvy world we have become more isolated than ever. We connect through virtual reality, texting, Face Book, Skype, email, etc. This connection keeps us feeling okay and even in moments connected. The one thing our computer tech savvy world does not do is create the skin-to-skin contact. We can literally go days without any human touch as we complete our list of tasks. The thought of platonic touch terrifies some people. In fact many people are downright uncomfortable with any type of personal nurturing touch including eye contact.

When we lack positive nurturing touch in our lives there is a slew of side effects on our spiritual, mental, and physical state. There is so much research out there about the healing power of touch and how without it life can be miserable. We experience more fear, feel isolated, anxious, overwhelmed, depressed, experience body aches and pains. Overtime, our bodies lack of nurturing touch, can lead to chronic illnesses; high blood pressure, tension, headaches, all the way to cancer and terminal illnesses. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. The effect on our mental and spiritual state is affected by our physical state. When one is out of balance so are the others. The power of touch is really about the power of you internally.

When we touch for an extended amount of time our bodies’ release a powerful hormone called oxytocin and triggers our vagus nerve. The vagus nerve runs from our base of our skull to approximately to our belly button. This important trigger of the vagus nerve is what gives us that warm and fuzzy feeling we experience. Oxytocin also gives us that sense of well-being. Touch Therapy has numerous positive affects in our lives. The benefits of experiencing nurturing platonic touch create not only the sense of well-being which relieves stress, which relieves tension, which gives us room to relax and just be in the moment. Touch therapy reduces blood pressure, lower cortisol levels (stress hormone), creates a feeling of safety, acceptance, and bonding with your world. There is really no down side to positive nurturing touch therapy.

If you are not giving and receiving approximately 20 minutes of platonic nurturing touch with family and friends daily you are really compromising yourself. Missing this key ingredient of platonic nurturing touch will overtime have a negative effect on you on every level creating an imbalance in mind, body, spirit.


Happy Mother Snuggling Newborn Baby in Bed

Touch therapy has been used with sick children and with terminally ill patients in hospitals and is widely used practice for the sick. This practice and study of touch therapy has now begun to catch the attention of people outside the hospital/university studies and is now becoming a service offered to everyday people through professional cuddlers in platonic nurturing safe environments. Professional Cuddlers services are established in states like New York, California, and Oregon. And Arizona.

Touch Therapy sounds scary for some but once you get past the awkwardness of learning to be in another’s space it becomes something that you start to naturally crave. Touch therapy is practiced at peoples comfort levels so they can experience the benefits of platonic nurturing touch therapy

Your internal to-do list should include one more very important thing; daily platonic nurturing touch. Learn and implement touch therapy in your life now When you can consciously choose and take responsibility to contribute to your state of happiness we all benefit. Touch therapy is a win/win for everyone. Everybody gets the benefit of you taking care of you. Touch therapy gives you the time and space to show up more loving in your world. How cool is that?

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Barb Heite

Author of Beautiful Mess, The Journey to the Universe Within, Master Degree in Human Dynamics, Certified Personal Impact Life Coach; founder of the Cuddle Zone, LLC, Tempe AZ

Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest : Barb Heite

It’s your turn: Have you heard of cuddling as a form of stress relief and/or healing? What’s been your experience? If this is new to you, would you try this? Please comment below!

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