52 Weeks of Happiness: Week Two

52 Weeks of Happiness: Week Two

Tandy Elisala here!  Your Chief Inspiration Officer and Leadership Coach. This is “52 Lists for Happiness: Weekly Journaling Inspiration for Positivity, Balance, and Joy”, by Moorea Seal. We are on week two and the lesson this week was to list the routines in your personal life and work.

If you want to play with me list all the routines in your personal life and work.  Each week I’m going live on my personal page to share what my lists are for that week’s journaling and encourage you to take action as well.

The routines in my life and work are:

·       Yoga

·       Belly dancing

·       Checking email

·       Social media

·       Meditating

·       Doing videos

·       Networking events

·       Hanging out with my animals

·       Reading

·       Taking meds

·       Doing graphics

·       Blogging

·       Taking showers

·       Vacuuming

·       Putting on makeup

·       Doing my hair

·       Accessories

·       Cooking

·       Cleaning

·       Speaking

·       Getting my nails done

·       Watching movies (I love movies!)

·       Sleeping

·       Journaling


The take action part of this is to circle all the routines that bring you joy and cross out all the routines you dislike.  What is it about the circled routines that bring you joy?

The things that I crossed off my list were checking email, doing graphics, cleaning and blogging. Now I like the process of writing itself and getting it out there but I don’t like doing everything that has to happen to put a blog up; the graphics, the metatags all that stuff.  I don’t like cleaning either. So I crossed those things off my list. Doing this helped me figure out that I needed to find somebody to help with those things I don’t like to do.

I have reached out and gotten a support system to help me with graphics, social media scheduling, blogging, cleaning and even cooking.

The things that I absolutely, love, love, love are yoga, meditating, hanging out with my animals, reading, watching movies and journaling.  I also like to sleep because sleep helps me re-energize and get myself back on track.  To me sleeping is an important routine. Some people say things like sleeping is over-rated, you don’t need much sleep, or if you sleep you’re not successful. I think that’s all hogwash because sleep really is a profound routine that is required for our bodies to function properly.  I really value this routine.

I encourage you to list out the routines in your personal and work life and cross off the ones that you don’t like. Can you do without them completely? Can you find a way to subcontract that out or hire someone else? If not and it is something you have to do then are there ways you can minimize having to do it as often?

I encourage you to circle the things you love doing, think about why you love those things and do them more often!  Because that is what happiness, inspiration, positivity and life is all about my friends.  It’s about investing the time in the things we value and valuing the things that we invest our time in.

That is the overview for week two of 52 happy lists. I will see you soon for week three.

Check out my week one list here.



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