3 mindset mistakes you don’t know you are making that prevent you from attracting what you want


  1. You aren’t clear about what you DO want. How you do this:

a. You think or say what you want and then immediately counter it with a negative or fearful thought.

b. You think about what you want and don’t take any action beyond it to accomplish.

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2.   This one is huge. You don’t completely and totally love and accept yourself.

 You may have a fear of failure – When you fail at something, it doesn’t mean YOU are a failure. Separate the two things. You are not your failure. Success. Title. Etc… Failure is a way to learn something…what didn’t work… and get closer to success.a. Before you can attract what you DO want, you MUST love yourself first. If you don’t feel worthy or that you deserve what you want on some level, the universe isn’t going to bring it to you.

Remember that FEAR is our brain’s response to something. It’s all-okay. The keys is acknowledging it and have a process to overcome your fears.

  1. You don’t FEEL what it feels like to have what you truly want.

 You write it down, think about it, say it out loud but don’t EMBODY the feelings. “Your negative emotion is your indication that you hold beliefs that are contrary to your own desire.” Things that stop you include:

a. Not understanding the importance emotion and feeling truly have on LOA and the power of our mind.

b. Being unsure HOW to allow feelings to arise and raise your vibration/energy to meet you where you want to be.

 Feel the emotion. Act as if. Act as if you already possess the things pictured on your vision board—the house, the car, or your business. Say, “this” is already mine. State your goals in the present tense like you have already achieved them.

 We can reclaim our power and be fully accountable for our lives. We can reclaim the joy and abundance that is ours. We can shift the energy on the planet – one day at a time.

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Trust that it is already so. Remember, the universe will conspire to bring the people, situations and circumstances to make your goals a reality.


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