12 Laws of Leadership

12 Laws of Leadership: Law of Learning

12 Laws of Leadership: Law of Learning

Let’s talk about leadership and why leaders and learners!

12 Laws of Leadership


Why Leadership?


 Why is leadership so important? There are three primary reasons.

 First, leadership is required for long-term business success and sustainability.

Second, people buy into the leader first, and then they buy into the vision.

Third, leadership is important because the key to employ engagement, to customer loyalty, and ultimately profit starts and ends with leadership.

3 Reasons Leadership is Important

12 Laws of Leadership

I created these 12 Laws of Leadership as a way for leaders to learn and embody what it really takes to lead from within and to lead others. Each of these 12 Laws of Leadership represent a critical component required for world-class leadership and ultimately, world-class and long-term business success.



The Law of Learning

The Fourth Law of Leadership is the law of learning because leaders are learners and learners are leaders. Leaders appreciate that they need to continuously evolve and continuously learn. The moment that you say, “I’ve learned all I need to learn. I don’t need to learn anything else. I’ve got it for life. I’m good,” you are limiting your potential. You’re limiting your ability to lead, to be an exceptional world class leader. Here’s a video I recorded about the Law of Learning: https://youtu.be/Iyl6R38fCLA

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Three Reasons Why the Law of Learning Is Important In Leadership

There are three reasons why the law of learning is important in leadership:

  1. There are four stages of learning. There’s the “I don’t want to learn or don’t know I need to learn.” Then we move up the ladder to “I  don’t realize I need to learn.” Then, we get to “I know I need to learn but I don’t think I need help. I can do it on my own.”  Then the fourth stage is about taking action. This is the “I know I need to learn and I’m ready!” Yay for action takers!!

        2.  Leaders that are learners are always open to growing themselves and others …  As we talk about expanding our impact and influence in the world, one of the biggest ways that you can do that is to encourage their development and be part of their growth.  Encourage them to seek the answers within.  Encourage them to become bigger and better and lift their lid to greatness and leadership.       I continuously encourage people that I meet whether they’re clients, whether they’re friends, whether they were colleagues, co-workers, joint venture partners, whatever. I am always asking, what are you learning? What are you up to? What have you got going on? Where might I be of service?

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I want you to know that we are all perfect in our imperfections. The law of learning doesn’t mean the law of perfection. The Llw of learning doesn’t mean I have to continually seek external approval or external validation of my skills and abilities. The law of learning doesn’t mean I need to get as many credentials behind my name as possible. The law of learning is about knowing where you can improve, where you want to improve, how you can become a better leader and helping others do the same.

3.  Leaders have a winning mindsetGetting and keeping a winning mindset is a huge learning curve!

The Law of Learning

Remember, you invest the time in the things you value and you value the things you invest your time in. Take time to document your personal learning plan, SCHEDULE IT and work your plan. Encourage others in your circle of influence to elevate themselves as well and to take imperfect action. At the end of the day, that’s the only kind of action there is.


If you are ready to:

1. Rise above your internal chatter and the crap that keeps you playing small AND

2. Lead your business like the “Rockstar” CEO you know you are  AND

3. Create a culture of highly engaged employees and loyal/raving clients  AND

4. Save time, money and countless brain cells stressing over how to lead, manage, grow and succeed in business AND

5. Take imperfect action

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