12 Laws of Leadership

12 Laws of Leadership : Law of Communication

12 Laws of Leadership : Law of Communication

Let’s talk about leadership and the Law of Communication!

12 Laws of Leadership


Rock star leaders master the art of effective communication and they are rock star communicators. Many leadership experts around the world say that communication is really the secret sauce in leadership. I tend to agree because if you don’t have communication or if it’s piss-poor, you’re not going to have an engaged staff, you’re not going to cultivate their vision, you’re not going to be able to communicate that and embody it and have everybody rally around your vision, your mission, your values, your goals. It’s just impossible to do long term.

3 Reasons the Law of Communication is Important

 There are lots  of reasons why communication is important in leadership. Here are three big ones from my perspective. The three biggest reasons that communication is an important law in leadership is:

  1.  When you communicate, you are connecting with another person and you are inspiring them. That’s the goal. Connection and inspiration. Communication is your avenue to connection and inspiration.
  2. You’ve GOT to communicate in order to build alignment and get things done. Bottom line.
  3. Leaders need to know how to read between the lines and understand not only what IS being said but what ISN’T being said. That skill, talent, and ability to truly read people and their energy in addition to the actual words they are saying is key. Whether you use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), expert body language or other patterns and strategies to really understand what’s being said, how it’s being said and what’s not being said so that you  know what the right questions are to ask and how to really diagnose a problem is super important See, communication isn’t just about words. It’s about body language. Most of our communication is around body language. It’s, obviously, the words, too, but that’s actually a very small percentage.


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  One ninja tip around the law of communication is that no matter how big the venue is… whether you are in front of one person or ten thousand people, speak to one person. I hope this has been helpful. I look forward to more discussion around communication and our next law of leadership.


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