12 Laws of Leadership

12 Laws of Leadership : Law of Process and Systems

12 Laws of Leadership: Law of Process and Systems

Let’s talk about leadership and the Law of Process and Systems!


12 Laws of Leadership

I am coming to you today talking about the law of process and systems. Having good processes and systems is key component to allowing growth. It makes the difference if you want to become a mature organization.  In corporate America, I was known as the Process Queen. It is one of my strengths.  I have helped companies save tens of millions of dollars in operating costs and  putting in processes that allowed the University of Phoenix to scale from 13,000 students to 480,000 students without the corresponding employee growth. Yes. 480,000 students.  Leaders recognize that they’ve got to make incremental improvements in processes and systems. They also know that leadership happens daily. It’s the small changes over time that make the difference. It’s what I call ‘continuous improvement’.

3 Reasons Process and Systems are Important in Leadership 

Here are three reasons why processes and systems are important in leadership:

  1. Your processes and systems really do determine your employee and customer experience. It’s a competitive advantage. If you don’t have the processes and systems in place and it’s a clunky user experience, people aren’t going to be that enthused. They’re going to be passive. It’s not going to be lend itself to being a STRONGLY ENGAGED team.
  2. Process and systems are important because, if done right, your business will run itself. It will help you and your employees know where training and cross training needs are.
  3. it helps you identify what roles you need to hire for and what skills you need in those people. It allows you the opportunity to see where the gaps are in your business. As you grow, you’ll need to add to your team but wouldn’t it be nice if you have processes and systems in place so you didn’t need to hire  exponentially? Can the same system that you use to provide services for 100 people manage a million people? Probably not and that’s okay. What about 5,000 people? 10,000 people?  It’s  important to have the thought processes and to know the questions to ask and  know what to look for. It’s also important to know what’s available and to be able to identify what your goal is and then be able to create a map right to it. I encourage you, as an action item for today, to look at yourself and look at your team and identify where you are investing your time.  You should always think about a process with that end game in mind. I always asked myself  how can this be completely automated? Sometimes, it can’t be and that’s totally cool. I worked in a highly regulatory, high policy driven environment in higher education for 23 years and it’s a beast, let me tell you. There were some things that we couldn’t automate and there are lots of things that we could. We had measurements in place and processes and systems we put in place to manage and make sure that everything was going as intended.

             Where are you spending your time?   Is it answering emails? Is it addressing customer service tickets? Is is log in issues with your membership site? Is it invoicing? Where is it that you and your team are spending the most time? From there, figure out and brainstorm what systems or processes could you put in place to avoid those things. A simple process example would be as emails come in have an automated email that goes back to the person that sent the email to you with a FAQ. Something like… “Thank you for contacting us. Here’s what you an expect. In the meantime, here’s a list of our commonly asked questions and answers and if this met your need and you want to cancel your ticket, click here.”

What processes or systems can you improve on? 



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