12 Laws of Leadership

12 Laws of Leadership: Law of Legacy

12 Laws of Leadership: Law of Legacy

Whoo Hoo! We are at the end. Let’s talk about leadership and the Law of Legacy!


12 Laws of Leadership

A leader’s lasting value is measured by succession. A leader’s lasting value is measured by their vision and how many people they have impacted.  Legacy is one of my favorite topics because it was through my fourth bout of cancer when I really had to reach deep, deep, deep within, and really feel what it was that I wanted to be known for, and really get clear that cancer wasn’t going to define me. 

Legacy is creating a vision for your life beyond yourself. Click To Tweet

Legacy is creating a vision for your life beyond yourself.

3 Reasons the Law of Legacy is Important in Leadership

If you’ve heard me or followed me for any length of time, you’ve heard me talk about legacy leadership. I even did a challenge on becoming a legacy leader. You can sign up for the 5-day leadership legacy video series HERE.

Here are three reasons why the law of legacy is important:

  1.  Your legacy represents your complete body of work in life. As you have grown in life, so has your legacy. It grows as you do, so at every stage you are creating your legacy. Think about it that way.
  2. Legacy leaders develop other leaders. How many people have you developed into leaders? If you were at your funeral right now and you’re watching and there are dozens, or hundreds, or thousands of people at your funeral, how many of them have you helped lead, develop their greatness,  help become better leaders? That’s legacy my friends
  3. At the end of our lives people are going to measure our lives in one sentence. I invite you to pick it now. Not tomorrow, not next year, not next decade. Now, right now. What is your legacy? How do you want to be remembered?  Are you actively leading or passively leading? Is everything that you’re doing right now helping you create a legacy beyond yourself? Is it helping your business in all the different ways, with all the different laws that we’ve talked about? Take a deep breath. I invite you to really do some self-exploration and think about how you’re leading. 


Legacy leaders don’t let fear dictate their next step. Legacy leaders and “rockstar” leaders have a very clear vision, they know what it is that they want to be remembered for, and they take imperfect action every day to make it happen.  I hope you can see how all 12 Laws of Leadership work together and build on each other.  Legacy is the end game. I would love to know, what is your legacy? What do you want to be remembered for and what are you doing today to help achieve that?

 Which of the 12 laws are you strongest and which one do you need the most work or improvement?

12 Laws of Leadership



If you are ready to bust through your limiting beliefs and blocks preventing you from being a legacy leader…

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