12 Laws of Leadership

12 Laws of Leadership : Law of Growth

12 Laws of Leadership : Law of Growth

Let’s talk about leadership and the Law of Growth!


12 Laws of Leadership

There’s two different components to the Law of Growth. The general premise here is that rock star leaders… legacy leaders … focus on the top 20 percent that will give them the greatest result.

 Some people mistakenly focus more of their time on the people that are dragging down the company. These are the people that are producing the bottom 20 percent. In reality, top leaders should be focusing on those rock stars that are at the top 20 percent. Some people mistakenly say, “I’m just going to leave those people alone, they’re doing great.” No. No. No… you’ve got to be developing them and nurturing your relationship.

 You need to continue to engage them and bring them to that next level.  When strong leaders have really strong leaders that’s where the magic happens!  

When strong leaders have really strong leaders that's where the magic happens! Click To Tweet

If you grow followers, and something happens to you, like, oh I don’t know, say you have a baby, or two, or you get married, or get divorced, or you find yourself in caregiving mode, taking care of your elderly, your aging or ill parents, or grandparents, or any number of other things like a health scare, your business will crumble. If you don’t have leaders in place in your organization that are ready to stand up and take responsibility, then your business is not going to be sustainable.

If you don't have leaders in place in your organization that are ready to stand up and take responsibility, then your business is not going to be sustainable. Click To Tweet

3 Reasons the Law of Growth is Important in Leadership

Here are three reasons why growth is important in leadership:


  1. The first reason is, as I said, leaders develop leaders. Are your people following you? Are they growing? Are they successful? Who on your team is a leader? Let’s develop a plan so that you can really continue to develop their leadership skills and abilities.
  2. The second reason that growth is important in leadership is that there’s three phases of growth and growing companies.  (a) The first is a start up. (b) The second is a growing organization, rapid growth, slow growth, but hopefully rapid growth. (c) The third is a mature organization. Each of these three phases requires a different set of skills, different types of focus on growth, different metrics, and it’s important to know which phase you’re in and what level of growth that you’re looking for.  You can’t go from start up to mature without growing through that second phase.  EXPERT TIP: Many companies succeed getting through the start up phase and getting through rapid growth.  Then they fail before they become mature. This is  because they didn’t have the leadership growth mindset and strategies and tools needed to accomplish this level.
  3. The third reason that growth in leadership is really important is because profitability and growth go hand in hand for business success. Profit is key to financial survival and growth is key to profit and long term success. When I say growth, I’m thinking growth for the organization overall.  If your company is not making money, it’s not really a business.



My  call to action for you is to think about climbing Mt. Everest. There’s a lot of growth that has to happen within individuals in order to help them accomplish that goal… that vision. Your ability to grow your business from start up to maturity  depends on how you tackle growth.

Your ability to grow your business from start up to maturity depends on how you tackle growth. Click To Tweet



If you are ready to bust through your limiting beliefs and blocks preventing you from being a legacy leader…

If you are bold and brilliant and know you need accountability to realize your dreams and grow your business…

If you are ready to expand your influence and impact and share your gifts with the world the way only you can…

If you are ready to GROW and SCALE your business to EPIC proportions…

Then, let’s hop on a call and see what’s holding you back or slowing you down and create an action plan. Schedule your FREE Leadership Strategy Session HERE!

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