10 Steps to Surviving and Thriving with Any Health Challenge

10 Steps to Surviving and Thriving with Any Health Challenge

Guest Article by AnnaLaura Brown


Life has a way of throwing curve balls at us and you never know that you are going to get. Health challenges are just one of those curve balls that can come along and throw your entire life into disarray if you aren’t careful. I’ve learned through the years while overcoming one allergy after another, struggling with asthma, digestive issues, severe gluten sensitivity, and even adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues at one point that surviving and thriving with health challenges is a must if you want to have a happy and productive life.

That said, actually doing it is easier said that done. Here are my 10 steps to surviving and thriving with any health challenge.

  1. Be grateful. No matter how bad your health issue is or how bad you think things are, it helps to be grateful for what you do have. Have an attitude of gratitude and even though this won’t make your health problems disappear, it will have an impact on how you view your life and on how others view you. It also helps you to have a more positive attitude therefore making you a more pleasant person to be around. If you are struggling with is, get our your journal and every day write down five things you are grateful for. It can also help to write about what could be worse that your current situation. For example if you are dealing with really bad allergies, you could have cancer or be paralyzed and that would be much worse.
  1. Find someone you can talk to about your health challenge. Ideally it should be someone who has already experienced something similar. You can find someone via a local support group, via social media, from your church, or from your neighborhood. Ideally this should be someone you can rely on to give you moral support as well as practical ideas about how to live with your health challenge.
  1. Hire a health coach. Seriously, health coaches are very helpful and many people fail to realize how helpful they can be. A health coach can help you keep your sanity, help you save money and help you learn ways to enjoy the foods you can eat as well as give you other ideas on how to live a healthier life no matter what health challenge you are experiencing.
  1. Read some stories of people who have had health challenges similar to yours and how they overcame them. You can try finding books at your local library or you may be able to find their stories on the internet.
  1. Strive to have a long term perspective. Unless you have been diagnosed with cancer or something that is fatal or that has a high probability of being fatal, it’s not the end of the world. You will eventually overcome your health challenges and be able to move forward a stronger, healthier and more positive person as a result of your experiences. Even so many cancer patients do survive and many will tell you that they learned a lot from the experience despite the challenges of having cancer.
  1. Take time to practice self love and self care. Do things to help you feel better and relax such as getting a massage, a pedicure and manicure, enjoying an infrared sauna treatment, going to a spa, taking regular naps, etc.


  1. Study and learn all about can about nutrition and healthy eating and learn to love the foods you can eat rather than dwelling on those that you can’t. Learn how to cook with herbs and spices instead of relying on chemically processed foods and sugars. Browse specialty cookbooks, pinterest boards and blogs to find healthy recipes made without any ingredients that you cannot have. You will be surprised at what you can eat and at how delicious your food can taste with just a little bit of advance preparation and knowledge.
  1. Seek out the support of other health care providers in addition to medical doctors. Personally I’m a big fan of chiropractic and acupuncture although naturopaths, herbalists and reflexology can sometimes help as well.
  1. Learn about aromatherapy and how essential oils can help you if you haven’t already. Essential oils are powerful boosters for improving your mood, your immune system and giving you more natural energy. Smell is a powerful way to reduce stress, lessen anxiety, improve your sleep, and much more.
  1. Keep a journal. Write in it every night. Include your successes, your failures, things you are grateful for, thoughts about your challenges, tips and hints and anything else you want to write. You also may want to consider including recipes and other things that someone else who is in your situation may benefit from. That way if you decide to share your story later, you will have notes that you can use.

Tandy’s comments:

I love AnnaLaura’s message and all of her tips. Gratitude is my ‘thing’ and absolutely have relied on gratitude practices during the good times and the challenging times. I think journaling is a great way to exercise self-care and stay positive. I use essential oils and have for years. When I was going through cancer treatments last year, I used them daily – in drinks, directly on the body and through a diffuser. Nutrition and juicing were big for me. One of the most important things I believe is key is having a long term perspective. Amid my 4th bout of cancer, amid my intense caregiving experience and everything else going on, I knew, felt and believed that my purpose was bigger than my experience and I KNEW I would be okay. This is really important and helps keep things in perspective. I encourage you to sign up for AnnaLaura’s free gift below!


AnnaLaura Brown’s Bio:


AnnaLaura Brown is a holistic health coach who specializes in helping people with allergies, (including food allergies and food sensitivities and intolerances with a focus on gluten and dairy) asthma, and digestion issues.  An essential oil enthusiast, she has also used essential oils to help improve her health and the health of many others around the world.  A former librarian, she launched herself into the health and wellness world after struggling for years with unresolved health issues that Western and traditional medicine was not solving.

Learn more about AnnaLaura and grab your free gift of her simple healthy gluten free eating guide at: http://annalaurabrown.com

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